Hello Neopians, and welcome to a brand new series of Medium updates that will detail the major landmarks of Neopia Central, the bustling hub of the Neopets Metaverse.

Today we begin our Neopia Central previews with one of the most important (and salivating) points of interest in all of Neopia:

The Food Shop!

Food Shop 3D Model

Reimagined with a vibrant 3D model, this hamburger-shaped haven for all kinds of sumptuous delights will look familiar to any veteran Neopian!

Inside this bun-topped-building you’ll find an array of iconic Neopian delicacies, from omelettes to slushies to neggs and everything in between. Stave off your Neopet’s hunger and keep it happy, healthy, and ready for adventure by stocking up at the food shop with some delicious treats!

We at the Neopets Metaverse Team want to remind you that as delectable as it looks, the food shop is, in fact, still a building and not a giant hamburger (don’t try to eat it, our artists already tried with minimal success).

More to Come

This is only the first of our Neopia Central Revealed updates; stay tuned each week as we reveal visuals and lore for all the major landmarks of Neopia Central!

Feel free to check out our past Medium articles to catch up on all our Neopets Metaverse reveals including our 3D Neopets Visuals, core game loop, website updates, and Genesis Neopian perks!

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