Q4 2021

Primary sale of NFT

Neopets Metaverse publicly launched the Neopets Metaverse Collection, our uniquely generated, loveable Neopets NFTs living on the Solana blockchain.

Q1 2022

Game Visuals Sneak Peek

Provided a first look at 3D game models and design concepts.

Q1 2022

Introduction to Gameplay & NFT elements

Introduce the basic gameplay and its related in-game NFT elements.

Q2 2022

Game Trailer & Litepaper

Release of the trailer and litepaper detailing the in-game experience.

Q3 2022

Sales of Token & Alpha Launch

Initial Metaverse Offering followed by launch of the alpha version of Neopets Metaverse to those with priority access.


Q4 2022

Land Ownership

Integration of new GameFi elements and land ownership into Neopets Metaverse, allowing an open-world experience.

Q1 2023

Primary sale of Lands

Primary NFT sale of land, on which Neopians can own Neohomes, interact, and traverse to other lands.


Beta Launch

Launch of the beta version of Neopets Metaverse, as well as more refined gameplay and new storylines.

Genesis Neopians: Thank you for being Neopets Metaverse Collection (NMC) holders! Your NFTs will be available to be used as in-game avatars which will be customizable with accessories. Meanwhile, you’ll also be granted early access to all available game modes.

To purchase lovable Neopets NFTs from the secondary market, please go to the official exchanges.

To verify your Genesis Neopian status, please join our Discord server!