About Us

Meet our team!

Dominic L

Chief Metaverse Officer

Serial Entrepreneur with focus on community building and platform technology. Latest entertainment/media venture was acquired by New Media Group, subsidiary of Emperor Group.

Edric T

Chief Product Officer

A seasoned producer in many gaming projects covering desktop & mobile games, eSports as well as AR/VR games. He has been publishing these mobile games since 2010.

Ryan I

Blockchain Lead Architect

An expert in system architecture and software development with over 20 years of experience, working and maintaining large scale blockchain development projects since 2017.

Johnny M

Game Production Lead

A participant in the Digital Entertainment industry for 25+ years, working in the mobile, console, hardcore, mid-core, casual and MMO space.

Bob T

Game Design Lead

A design lead with 10 years of experience developing games such as Little Fighter Online, WarLocksZ, and The Ravages of Time.


Mon C

Game Art Lead

Creative and digital art director in digital Entertainment for over 25 years. As an art director in 3D animated features films TMNT and Astro boy. Has directed over 200 animated shorts and video games.

Ken C

Game Development Lead

A development lead with 12 years of experience in game development – also the proud creator of “Tower of Saviors.”

Community Building, Partnership and Outreach

Ernest Y

Digital Marketing Director

A digital marketing expert that has worked in various financial institutions & fintech companies for over 10 years.

Ashlee S

Growth Lead

A Web3 native who has been involved in some of the hottest GameFi projects in the blockchain market.

Jack L

Social Media Manager

A Web3 Metaverse apprentice working in marketing, since 2019.

Mason C

Marketing Manager

An experienced marketer and consultant for a CG content company and tech startup. He is an avid fan of open-world games, Metroidvania, and drumming.

Brian H

Business Development Manager

Highly experienced in partnerships and outreach, with over 5 years of blockchain experience. Advisors to an array of projects ranging from F&B business, digital art and PFP NFTs.


Zeke W

Community Manager

A Web3 enthusiast experienced in community building and management. Previous experiences include moderation for various Web3 projects, and a design fanatic with 10+ years within the interior designing industry.


Conor B

Community Builder

An experienced market research analyst and consultant. He enjoys his free time writing articles on blockchain & oracle networks and playing MMORPGs.


Kaye C

Office & Operations Manager

10 years experience as workplace operator for start-ups. An Executor, Multi-tasker, and Web3 Advocator.

Metaverse Design and Development

Helen L

Metaverse Product Manager

Experienced in the gaming and edutainment industry, specialising in product design and management. She is also an avid fan of Persona 5.

Peter C

Metaverse Product Manager

10+ years as an information engineer, technology consultant, product designer and game designer. A composer and JRPG lover on the side.

Hung L

Metaverse Artist

An experienced designer and artist who can handle both 2d and 3d art.

Athena C

Senior Game Project Manager

A PM with 10+ years of project management experience across transmedia projects and games.

Kaka Y

Game Project Manager

Game lover. Manage multimedia and game project workflows. A good organizer who loves to put ideas to fruition.

Chris L

Game Designer

A game designer with 10+ years of experience working on games with more than 8 million total downloads.

Elma L

Game Designer

A game designer aims to bring joy to players.


Evie L

Game Designer

A passionate game designer. Specializing in game systems and storytelling.


W Ho

UI Graphic Designer

Passionate about ACG creation. Over 10 years of experience in game graphics and visual design.

Kate W

Game Visuals Artist

Game artist immersed in the gaming world for over a decade.Commercial products include Realm of Alter and Tower of Saviors.

Kelly W

Game 3D Artist

A multi-talented artist who is skilled in all sorts of skills such as texture, modeling, and animation, as well as graphic design.


Eric C

Game 3D Artist

More than 20 years of 3D modeling experience in movies, TV series, mobile games, console games, and MMO space. Projects involved include Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon.

Alex T

Game 3D Artist

A passionate 3D artist who specialized in character animation. Move puppets for a living.

Wo C

Game 3D Artist

Experienced and diverse 3D artist specializing in games.

Simon N

Game Developer

Experienced full-stack developer, most recently focused on web3 implementations.

Joseph T

Game Developer

A passionate young soul who loves game programming also a super fan of Neopets.

Sean L

Game Developer

Experienced indie game developer and experience in sandbox & RPG-style game development.

Derek K

Game Developer

Experienced mobile game developer, specializing in gameplay logic and system architecture.

Nuri C

Game Developer

Experienced full-stack developer in website, app, game, and DApp development.

Baka C

Blockchain Game Developer

A developer with 2 years of experience developing smart contracts on Ethereum, in addition to 10 years of IT consulting service experience at companies like Oracle and Microsoft!

Karl W

Game Production Advisor

Senior game producer, managing a game development and operation team of more than 60 people.

Blockchain Development

Lucas M

Blockchain Operation Lead

An IT entrepreneur skilled in UX/ UI design, as well as development of various applications and systems. He’s overseen over 100 projects with large-scale enterprises.

Onn M

Blockchain Architect

A blockchain expert with 15+ years of experience in IT, game, crypto solutions and NFT development. Designed 10+ DApps and mobile games.

Jason L

Blockchain Developer

An expert in system management, who also specializes in system design, software development and blockchain development.

Zero N

Blockchain Developer

A systems developer with 8+ years experience in various IT systems & mobile app development.


Garwin C

Chief Strategy Officer, Edmodo

A seasoned platform business builder and investor. Prior to Edmodo, he was the Chief Financial Officer at The Third Stone Holdings Limited, an e-commerce and blockchain startup.

Jim C

President & CEO, Jumpstart

A veteran of the gaming market, he is responsible for managing all business operations including revenue management, user acquisition, business dev and strategic partners.

Shaun S

Founder of Fraction

A technology expert and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience. He co-founded MIX Space, which raised funding from the Ethereum founders, Fraction, the world’s first property fractionalization platform and, CMUNE, a gaming platform with 30M+ users.