Meet our team!

Dominic L

Chief Metaverse Officer

Serial Entrepreneur with focus on community building and platform technology. Latest entertainment/media venture was acquired by New Media Group, subsidiary of Emperor Group.

Edric T

Metaverse Producer

A seasoned producer in many gaming projects covering desktop & mobile games, eSports as well as AR/VR games. He has been publishing these mobile games since 2010.

Ryan I

Blockchain Lead Architect

An expert in system architecture and software development with over 20 years of experience, working and maintaining large scale blockchain development projects since 2017.

Johnny M

Game Production Lead

A participant in the Digital Entertainment industry for 25+ years, working in the mobile, console, hardcore, mid-core, casual and MMO space.

Ken C

Game Development Lead

A development lead with 12 years of experience in game development – also the proud creator of “Tower of Saviors.”

Bob T

Game Design Lead

A design lead with 10 years of experience developing games such as Little Fighter Online, WarLocksZ, and The Ravages of Time.


Rachelle C

Community Builder

A community liaison working to apply her 6 years of digital marketing experience to connecting the Neopets Metaverse with multiple generations of Neopets players. #chiatothemoon

Mason C

Community Builder

An experienced marketer and consultant for a CG content company and tech startup. He is an avid fan of open-world games, Metroidvania, and drumming.

Brian H

Partnerships and Outreach Manager


Highly experienced in partnerships and outreach, with over 5 years of blockchain experience. Advisors to an array of projects ranging from F&B business, digital art and PFP NFTs.

Athena C

Game Project Manager

A PM with 10+ years of project management experience across transmedia projects and games.

Peter C

Metaverse Architect

A multitalented information engineer, technology consultant, and product designer – and a lover of JRPGs

Baka C

Blockchain Game Developer

A developer with 2 years of experience developing smart contracts on Ethereum, in addition to 10 years of IT consulting service experience at companies like Oracle and Microsoft!

Karl W

Game Production Advisor

A veteran game producer who coordinates and operates a team of more than 60 people, while working with internal and external sources.

Helen L

Metaverse Designer

A game designer who’s spent 5 years thriving in casual game design (and 5 years playing Persona 5).

Gus C

Game Visuals Artist

An artist immersed in gaming for 15 years, whose projects include Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Tower of Saviors.

Chris L

Game Designer

A game designer with 10+ years of experience working on games with more than 8 million total downloads.

Lucas M

Blockchain Operation Lead

An IT entrepreneur skilled in UX/ UI design, as well as development of various applications and systems. He’s overseen over 100 projects with large-scale enterprises.

Onn M

Blockchain Architect

A blockchain expert with 15+ years of experience in IT, game, crypto solutions and NFT development. Designed 10+ DApps and mobile games.

Jason L

Blockchain Developer

An expert in system management, who also specializes in system design, software development and blockchain development.

Zero N

Blockchain Developer

A systems developer with 8+ years experience in various IT systems & mobile app development.

Garwin C

Chief Strategy Officer, Edmodo

A seasoned platform business builder and investor. Prior to Edmodo, he was the Chief Financial Officer at The Third Stone Holdings Limited, an e-commerce and blockchain startup.

Jim C

President & CEO, Jumpstart

A veteran of the gaming market, he is responsible for managing all business operations including revenue management, user acquisition, business dev and strategic partners.

Shaun S

Founder of Fraction

A technology expert and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience. He co-founded MIX Space, which raised funding from the Ethereum founders, Fraction, the world’s first property fractionalization platform and, CMUNE, a gaming platform with 30M+ users.

Moonvault Partners

Moonvault Partners is a digital asset investment firm. They invest in blockchain projects through Moonvault Capital, a DeFi-focused digital asset platform focusing on fundamental value as well as arbitrage across the DeFi stack. In addition, they partner with companies to execute leading blockchain strategies and projects.